• 2016 Deer Season Summary Letter

  • 2016 Deer Season – Our twenty second season

    It was a very busy year here at Paradise starting in late September with my favorite friend Michele (my wife) helping me as we began to fill our deer feeders with good old home grown corn. I wanted to get an early start this year and we got the majority of them filled by the time Judy and Coey showed up around the 3rd of October. As soon as they got here we started putting cameras out and looking for sign. Our first bow hunters were due to arrive on the 23rd and I wanted the deer to be very acquainted with our feeder locations.

    By mid October we had over 25 to 30 deer stands up and waiting for their arrival and by mid Nov we had 43 up. One thing we were not anticipating was the hot weather. Really it was real nice and cool for Coey and I when we were setting the majority of the stands and thought it was going to be a great fall. Well, mother nature through us a curve ball and instead of getting cooler it got hot, very hot. I think the highest temp the first week of hunters was around 85 degrees and the coolest was probably in the 60’s and that was at night. Well, as most deer hunters know, movement in those kind of temps is not expected and that was pretty much the case. Not many were seen that week, especially the big boys, but they did manage to get one hung on the rack and two were hit but never found.

    Well, week two was definitely better but the weather was still way to warm. They were seeing more deer movement, but mostly small bucks. The temps were still in the 70’s during the day but got down in the 30’s and 40’s at night. We actually had 9 out of 11 kills that week and one missed and another one hit but not recovered, but that person ended up taking a different buck a couple days later. The bucks scored 105-3, 106-6, 112-5, 122-1, 123-4, 126-1, 130-4, 157-2 and 158-4 inches that week and everyone seemed pretty happy considering the beautiful weather. One hunter had to leave a couple days early that week but returned during gun season but was still hunting with a bow but unfortunately he shot right under a real nice buck on his last day.

    Week 3 the weather continued to be more like Harley riding weather than hunting weather. The guys did manage to put 5 bucks on the ground though. But unfortunately wounding another 3 bucks that we could not find and 2 of the 10 guys went home without flinging an arrow. The 5 bucks that we did end up hanging scored 84, 117-6, 118-2, 135-1, 155 inches.
    The last week of bow hunters was another very slow week. I was beginning to wonder if there was even going to be a rut this year during day light hours. Not only did we have very unconditionally warm weather but we had to compete with that very large moon for several days. None of this makes for very good deer hunting but we still managed to get some harvested. 15 out of 37 were harvested during archery season and with another 10 opportunities.

    Now its time for Gun Season. Opening day was a blast. Yes, a blast of 40 to 50 mph wind and it was out of the North. Some said it was cold and some said it was very cold. That was mostly determined by how much clothing they had on that morning when they left camp. I think there was only one shooter buck seen that day and he was shot. The next two days they had a lot of buck activity, probably as much as we had seen all year. I believe a couple of the guys saw over or around 20 bucks each day. There were 4 bucks taken on the second day and another on the 3 day and one on the fourth day. All together there were 7 harvested out of 8 hunters. Our last guy it didn’t seem to matter where we put him he did not see a shooter. He hunted hard for 6 full days and finally on the last day he saw a buck that might score in the 120’s and he let him walk. I was proud of him for that after hunting so hard but he was a good sport about it and left with a smile on his face. The bucks they harvested scored 121-6, 137-5, 138-6, 139-2, 150-7, 151-4 and 177-4. We had two guys harvest their very first buck ever. One in the archery season and one in the gun season. We were all very happy for those two guys. We also had 3 other guys in gun season take their biggest bucks ever. Way to go all of you. All I know is that here at Paradise we are still making dreams come true.

    Well, it is time to thank our creator and one and only God. I want to thank him for all the Blessings he gives us and all the hunters that he brought us. All of them arrived safe and sound and all returned home safe and sound and that is the biggest Blessing of all. He has been with us throughout the 32 years we have been doing this with only a couple of minor injuries and I think that is a pretty good record if you think of all the shots that have been fired here, (thousands) all the trees that we have climbed and set trees stands in and most of all, the hundreds of thousands of miles we have traveled by planes, trucks, cars and 4/wheeler. Thank you Jesus and thank you for the new friends we made this season and for bringing back some friends we had not seen for a few years. I know one thing, God is good.

    I also want to thank Judy and Coey for another fun and awesome year of their hard work and commitment they put out. I know how hard it must be for them to be gone from home for so long and we want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts and that goes for Mike, Michele, me and all of our hunters.

    Now to everyone, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May God Bless you all as He has Blessed me. I owe it all to Him.

    Written this twentieth day of December, 2016
    by: Kurt Nunnenkamp