• 2016 Turkey Season Summary Letter

  • Just Another Season ~ Season Number 21 for me Guiding

    All in all it was a pretty darn good season. No one got physically hurt, but several had their pride hurt I’m sure. Some got scolded and we are sorry for those moments when some of us get got up in the moment and totally loose our minds. Apologies were given, apologies we hope were accepted, hugs exchanged, hands shook, pats on the back and maybe even a few tears were shed. But all in all, like I said, it was a pretty darn good season. New faces were seen and old friendships were rekindled. But most of all there was laughter and smiles. Yes, indeed I saw lots and lots of that.

    Wild turkeys, they just do something to us. Especially those of us that hunt them with a passion and to be a guide you must have that because I am talking about hunting them day after day after day. Some of our hunters have this same passion, but not many. To me, I think it is one of the most challenging things I have ever done. Especially for this many years and yes I do still get a thrill out of doing it. It may not show all the time, but I do. Most of my guides feel the same as I do and the ones I have now most definitely do. Denton and Coey both have it and it could be a disease, I’m not sure. But I do know it’s not contagious, well maybe a little. I think Johnny Grady is getting it. Poor guy! And I am sure my late buddy Doc had it. Everybody that knew him knew he had it. Oh well, life goes on.

    Well, can you believe this, Coey did not pull a white rabbit out of his hat, but he did call in a white turkey out of the woods. Yep, late in the season he called in this white gobbler and Joe Helms of Arkansas got a double. One black bird and one snow white bird. Not in one shot, I believe it took 3 shots. But that don’t matter, he got the job done and Coey got it all on film. Coey did end up purchasing the bird for a small fee from Joe and is getting it mounted and those of you that will be back next year will see it displayed in the camp house. That bird had survived for 3 years. He weighed in at 20 lb., had a 10 1/2 inch beard and was toting 1 1/8 inch spurs. Nice job guys.

    Mr John Grady came out from Tennessee and gave us a hand guiding this year taking Denton’s place so he could go home a little earlier than usual to be with his young family. Between the 4 of us guides we managed to get 70 birds for our clients. That Coey really stepped it up a notch and has become one great turkey hunter. All in all our guides did an excellent job and I am so proud of them. Judy also did a great job once again keeping the camp in tip top shape and no one went hungry. I had more compliments this year than ever about her cooking. Wow, the food was awesome.

    I thank God all the time for the crew I have and the Blessings He gives us all. And once again He put His mighty hands of protection around us this season. Thank you God. This year Denton brought his whole family out here with him and it was their first time in Kansas. Jessica, Oakley and Hawken stayed with us for 10 days back in March as we were getting ready for turkey season. It was sure great to have them and Denton was one proud Daddy. I am pretty sure this was Denton’s tenth year with us and I don’t know what we would do without him. Our guides and cook are not just friends, they are family.

    We only had 4 archery hunters. One using a compound bow and the other 3 using a crossbow. All together we took 47 people hunting. So lets go ahead and get into this seasons stats I call it. Just exactly what happened this year during our turkey season of 2016.

    * 47- hunters
    * From 14 different states
    * 70 bird harvested
    * 41 of those in the AM time
    * 39 in the PM
    * 8 Rio’s
    * 48 Easterns
    * 8 Hybrids
    * and 1 white bird
    * Heaviest bird was taken by Andrew Tucker of NY and it weighed 26#
    * Ronnie Hickinbokum from MS harvested the bird with the longest beard, 12”
    * we had 3 double bearded birds taken
    * 3 triple bearded ones
    * Garret Rigg and Tom Kauffman both took birds with 1 3/8 inch spurs
    * We had 5 persons harvesting their first bird
    * 37 missed shots
    * And last but not least, Marsha Unruh and Tom Connors both took two toms with one shot.

    Well, that raps it up for this season. See you next year.

    Written by,
    Kurt Nunnenkamp