• 2017 Turkey Season Summary Letter

  • Turkey Season 2017
    “A good season for calling in toms”

    Yes, it was a good year for calling in birds it seemed. I guess it was due to the very warm
    temps we had in March. We believe that most of the hens were already on the nest or nesting
    when the season began. It was also a strange year in the fact that we were not seeing many
    hens or jakes until late April. Where the jakes had been we could not figure that out, but many
    more was sited late April and the first week of May. I shut our season (Paradise Adventures)
    down on the 7th of May and it turned out to be a good thing. Right after that it got very warm
    and there is nothing I dislike more than hunting in hot weather. One thing for sure all of us
    guides had very good luck calling in birds early in the morning. We had 41 killed in the AM
    compared to 16 in the afternoon hours and all of them were toms except for one bird that Carl
    Vaux shot hunting on his own in a blind. But that jake had 6 beards totaling up to 13 1/8
    inches. Now that’s a trophy bird if I ever did see one. Scott Bubb harvested a tom with the
    most beards. It had 5 totaling 27 1/2 inches and it had 1 3/8 inch spurs. Our bird with the
    longest spurs was taken by Nick Fox and they were 1 3/4 inches long and it was also the
    heaviest bird weighing in at 25 lbs.

    Well, we took 34 people from 11 different states and they harvested 56 toms and 1 jake. Five of
    those hunters only had one tag. Three crossbow hunters was it and one of them was Denton
    that hammered one on the first shot. We won’t talk about how many shots it took the other
    guys, but they did end up getting 3 toms. We only had 11 misses with the gun this year. That is
    way down from years past. We guides, well, we kinda like that. There were 41 Eastern birds
    taken, 8 rio’s and 8 hybrids.

    There was 20 birds taken with 10 to 10 15/16 inch beards and 6 with 11 to 11 3/4 inch beards.
    We took a lot of real nice trophy birds this year.

    There was a lot of rain that fell in April and I think that was a big factor in the hens showing up
    in late April that we had not seen prior to that. I am sure that they had their first nests
    destroyed by all the wet weather.

    There was 13 new hunters that came and hunted with us here at Paradise and 4 of them were
    very first time turkey hunters and that was awesome. We love taking those first timers out no
    matter what their age might be. There is nothing like getting someone hooked on turkey
    hunting and that usually happens after that first kill. The excitement and joy that takes place
    then is priceless.

    We did manage to get 10 hunts on film so be sure to check them out on the website or
    YouTube. Two of them are already on as of April 2017 and the rest will arrive throughout the
    rest of the year as I get them completed.

    I want to thank my guides Coey, Denton and Johnny as they did another spectacular job this
    year and my awesome cook/camp keeper for doing another wonderful job. One thing for sure,
    no one goes hungry in our camp.

    I also want to thank God for another great year of hunting with no accidents once again. This
    makes 32 years in the business and this would wrap up my 22nd year of guiding turkey hunts.

    Take care everybody and thank you to all that came and hunted with us at Paradise Adventures
    and until we meet again, keep smiling and keep the hunting heritage going.

    Written by; Kurt Nunnenkamp 7-27-17