• Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunting

  • "We will be working very hard to ensure you that this will be one of the most enjoyable deer hunts you will ever go on. Our trophy deer harvest and opportunity rate is incredibly high.  This is a sure sign that we know what we are doing when it comes to getting you a chance at harvesting the biggest buck you have ever taken.  This has happened many, many times throughout our years of taking people from all over the country and abroad deer hunting.  Many have gotten their very first deer here at Paradise, which is very special to us also. Yes, your trophy dreams can come true with us." 

    For example: The Morris brothers from Michigan, Rick harvested a monster 10 point, scoring 174 inches, in 2002 (gun) and his brother Gary harvested a monster 12 point, scoring 204 inches, in 2003 (also gun) and then Rick turns around in 2005 and harvests another dandy 8 point, scoring 144 inches.  The Morris brothers may not hunt with us forever, time will tell, but they will never, ever, forget us here at Paradise Adventures, because their walls, (that’s walls, not wives) won’t let them.

    Nick Trotta, of N.Y. will also never forget us, because, in Nov. of 2006 he harvested with his bow his first buck that scored over 125-inches. Nick, I must tell you is over 60 years of age and is one awesome hunter and he is now the proud owner of a beautiful just shy of 200-inch world-class buck. This buck would have easily scored over 210 if he wouldn’t have had a couple points broken off. All I can say is that this list could go on and on, but I am sure you get the picture. Take a look at Nick and his monster Whitetail Buck.

  • Here is a list of things we have to offer with our deer hunts:

    • Deer processing at camp
    • Cleared shooting lanes
    • Caping available
    • Reflector tape marked trails
    • Excellent Taxidermist nearby
    • Approximately 20,000 acres of Private Property
    • Ground blinds and three types of tree stands
    • Pictures available before you leave
    • Storage & changing room for hunting gear (Apart from house)
    • Laundry room for hunters

    Remember deer hunters, you must get a Kansas hunting license once you get your deer tag.
    Click here for licensing & tag information

  • "I'll be returning next year, bring my youngest son Kellen as he will have graduated college this coming spring. So again the O'Neills will have 2 coming if you have room. My son-in-law, Ben, would also like to join us if there is space open for him. I understand if he has to wait his turn on your waiting list. You run a top notch operation and keeping the hunting pressure down and the number of hunters manageable is why you're good. So if Ben needs to wait, we get it. Although hunting is somewhat new to us, I've fished a lot before getting married and having kids so I've been around a few "sportsmen" camps. Kansas Paradise rates right at the top. As long as you keep it running, we'll be there."

    John O'Neill