• Turkey

  • (Please be aware that our 2019 Turkey season has been canceled.)

    The turkey population is still booming in Kansas and so are we.  We have been guiding turkey hunts since 1994.  The first year I took just a couple people hunting and now 4 or 5 guides and I go non stop from the first of April until we run out of people, or season, which ever comes first.  Two months worth, Wow!  We took 76 hunters last year and 83 the year before.  I am talking non-stop action, all day, every day, rain or shine, windy or calm.  Our guides will put you where the birds are time and time again and we have plenty of guides raring to go.  Guiding at this pace would not be possible if it wasn’t such a passion and obsession for each one of us. Our friends that we took last year alone harvested 76 birds and 100 the year before.

    Another great thing about Paradise is that we have two species of turkeys in the area. The Rio Grande and the Eastern. Each year we harvest quite a few multiple bearded birds and we also harvest several hybrids, which vary in color. It seems to have more of a bronzy color to it at times. A beautiful bird, if I do say so myself.

    Here at Paradise we really do our very best at calling the bird in for the shot. Calling the bird in is the best part of the hunt, and that is the way we prefer it.  But, if that fails, we do what ever it takes, (legally and ethically) to get that bird into shooting range, because we know that getting you the opportunity to take that shot, is what it’s all about.  All hunts are guided. No other way.  But you may do the calling if you prefer.  That’s no problem, or we can chime in to really add some excitement for that big ol’ Tom.  We just know from many years of experience that this will be the time of your life. 

    Archery equipment and muzzleloaders are welcome too and as of 2007, we have an exclusive archery season for the first part of April.  In Kansas it is legal to have feeders out and we always have several of these filled with good ol’ homegrown corn.  My brother and I usually harvest between 50 and 100 thousand bushels of corn each year and we can see the smiles on those bird and deer’s faces every time we take another semi load to the storage bin. In the past few years we have taken approx. 100 first time turkey hunters and I think most of them are hooked for life.  Sorry Mothers and Wives, I guess you will have to join them or set back at home.  But of course, you ladies are welcome too.  We have taken several Grandmothers, Wives, and Daughters.  So don’t hesitate, Give us a call.  It can be fun for the whole family. Trust me, my family loves turkey hunting. Hope to see you in the turkey woods this coming season.

    Spring or fall, we’ll do our best, to get ’em to come, to the call.

    Remember turkey hunters, you must have a valid hunting license and the appropriate tags. We hunt in Unit 6 only. Turkey Tags are for Unit 6 only. 
    Click here for licensing & tag information