• References and Testimonials

  • Whitetail Deer Hunting References

    NameStatePhone Number
    Nick TrottaGreenville NY518-966-5777
    Pete SkolskyBoonton NJ973-886-3224
    Jerry LeschRockaway NJ973-417-8546
    Denny & Dottie PeifferLewistown PA717-248-1804
    Rob LaniWindham NY518-755-0503
    Mark FransonMansfield CT860-933-4390
    Alex KeyserClaverack NY518-929-9023
  • Kurt, I have been meaning to email you for several weeks. It looks like you had a successful season, glad to see. I went on a hunt in Ohio this year. With 3 little ones at home, flying out to Kansas is sort of not in the cards for me. The hunt was horrible. Actually, the deer were fantastic, beautiful deer and lots of em. The outfitter was miserable, NO customer service. Lodge was grossly overbooked (he said maximum number of hunters was 8 when I called to book, however he had 14 in camp). Stands were not well marked, and they were not safe (dead trees, stands leaning, etc.). Stands were also on property borders, one guy shot a deer than ran onto neighbors property and we were not allowed to track it.

    I was so miserable d/t the outfitters overall attitude I actually left just 2 days into the 5 day hunt. On my ride home I had some time to reflect on things. When I came out to Paradise last year you set a high precedence for trophy whitetail hunting. Going on my most recent hunt really highlighted for me what an honest, upscale outfit you and your brother run out there. While I doubt I will be able to get out to Kansas any time soon I again want to thank you for the excellent time I had last year. Likewise, I would like to acknowledge and applaud you for running such a nice operation. If you ever need a reference in the future don't hesitate to send them my way.

    Ryan S. Marshall, December 2013

  • Turkey Hunting References

    NameStatePhone Number
    Denny & Dottie PeifferLewistown PA717-248-1804
    Gene DavisBrooksville MS601-917-2672
    Mark FransonMansfield CT860-933-4390
    Thomas FulliloveClarksdale MS662-902-7351
  • Hey Kurt, hope all is well. We are all still on cloud nine around here from the weekend. My and Ryan's life has been "enhanced" like you cannot know from the weekend we spent with you and your crew chasing those crazy Turkeys around the woods!

    You were not the first Outfitter I talked to last year about a Spring Turkey Hunt but I am so glad you were the last. A trip like that for us is a big deal, we booked six months in advance so the anticipation is intense but nothing compared to what we left with. Young Ryan came home a changed young man. Filled with confidence and a spark for adventure like none of us have ever seen.

    Thank you does not cut it, not even close. I know you get it, I didn't have to talk to you long to know, you get it. The only problem I see is that you have set the bar pretty high for the next time we get to come back! You have a great crew, Coey was as excited as I was when we smacked a bird! Denton is obviously doing what he loves, killing Turkeys and stand up comedy. Keep up the good work Kurt, God willing we will be back for another "Adventure in Paradise!"

    Thanks doesn't get it, but "Thank you!"

    Charlie C. Thompson, April 2015