What to bring and things to do when heading to Paradise for a deer hunt! 

  1. Make sure you have your DEER TAG and Non-Resident HUNTING LICENSE in possession.
  2. Make sure your itinerary was given to Kurt or your ETA if driving.
  3. Keep these numbers in your phone.  (There is no land line phone at camp)
    • Brandon Nunnenkamp 816-547-8675
    • Brian Nunnenkamp 816-225-8851
    • Josh Roberson 913-238-0901
  4. Bring your cell-phone.
  5. All your hunting apparel. (rain gear, etc)
  6. Gun hunters must have orange hat and 100 sq. inches on your vest (50 on front 50 on back)
  7. All of your hunting equipment for either season, gun or archery. (Safety belts or harness, pull up ropes for sure, etc.)
  8. ID
  9. Also bring plenty of money for me and a little for you.
  10. Directions to camp can be printed off web site.  Click Here to View Our Locations And Maps Page
  11. Bring any extra munchies you might want or drinks you might prefer.
  12. Bring some slippers and comfortable clothes to relax in.
  13. Dancing shoes for after you kill that monster.
  14. Small good Flashlight.
  15. Bino’s and range finders.